Airline Complaint Letters

Sample Letters

Extracts of complaint letters we wrote for our customers


Under the booking reference ******, we were supposed to travel to ****** on flight number ******, however on checking in, we were informed that we would be rerouted with Air ******, since the flight was overbooked and nobody volunteered to fly later. We had to wait 4 hours before being able to take another plane, and we did not arrive at our destination until 6 hours after we were supposed to…

This is a letter to inform you of the deeply frustrating situation that I faced at ****** airport, on **/**/**. One suitcase had been ransacked and had many items missing that I will list for you, and the other simply did not arrive……. I attach receipts of all my emergency purchases, amounting to €98.00. This failure on behalf of your airline caused a lot of holiday time to be wasted, and caused me a lot of stress…

Most shockingly, during our delay, we were not once offered even refreshments, let alone lunch. We choose to fly with your airline because we usually find your service personal and reliable, however, this time we have been particularly disappointed. We do not expect anyone to go 9 hours without even a drink, let alone platinum members of your frequent flyer service…

Under EU regulation 261/2004, we expect to be compensated €600 each. To make matters worse, not only were we rerouted a day later, but with the new arrangements we were downgraded from Business Class to Economy. To give you an idea of the inconvenience caused, after flying 10 hours in small uncomfortable seats that we had specifically avoided, by flying in Business Class, we had to go straight to our 8 hour business meetings….



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